Bac Ha fair is a fair in Bac Ha Town, Bac Ha district, Lao Cai Province. It takes 2.5 hours to travel from Lao Cai city by bus or motorbike. This market is famous for its pristine appearance and characteristics of the highland ethnic groups in Vietnam.

The fair is opened on every Sunday from early morning to afternoon.  It is not only simple as a place for buying and selling, but it is also a place for exchanging locals products with other areas as well as the culture of the ethnic group in the area. When coming to the Bac Ha market, the femaled locals usually wear new colorful dresses as they are in the special festival and the beautiful habitation has been maintaining.

The majority of the ethnic group taking part in this market are Mong Hoa, Tay, Dao … and in the surrounding areas.

Bac Ha Market includes a variety of goods such as brocade, cuisine, vegetables, horses, poultry, birds and forging. Especially, this is the best place for dating for boys and girls here after a week of hard work.

The items sold are all grown by local people like vegetables, chickens, pigs, and even cows. The specialty here is nothing more than Bac Ha wine which is famous as a good wine of H’mong or Dao processing.

Bac Ha market has been voted by many newspapers as one of the largest markets in Southeast Asia. Therefore, in recent years, foreign tourists are also interested in the most special market in the Northwest region, making the number of tourists ever-increasing.

For the cuisine, Bac Ha Market deserves a paradise of specialty dishes in the Northwest. This is an ideal place for tourists who travel to Lao Cai province to enjoy special traditional food.

Once in a lifetime, visit Ha Bac, the highland Northwest to feel and admire the unique beauty of nature, culture, and people here, which is difficult to find it anywhere else in our country.