You must be surprised at the beauty of the town of Sa Pa. There is no place better than Sa Pa to admire most spectacular views of natural beauty, cast your eyes over plunging valley, immerse in the most wonderful scenery on earth and meet amazing local hill-tribe people you’ve encountered. The beautiful town blessed with cool fresh air is about 30 kilometers away from Lao Cai city. People who want to run away from the hot weather of summer should not miss this ideal town.
A day in Sa Pa, you will have a chance to experience the unique weather characteristics “four seasons in one day”. Sa Pa changes itself from poetic and cloudy town in the morning to brilliant and colorful in the middle day to night. During my exploration, I did a trek through beautiful rice terraces, mountains and best-known destinations such as Ham Rong Mountain, Ta Phin Cave, Bamboo Forest Silver Waterfall and Rattan Bridge. Sa Pa is also the land of captivating colorful flowers – the typical symbol of the region which represents the soul beauty of friendly and highly cultured people as well as their unique identity of cultural diversity.

With wild beauty of terrace fields, waterfalls, imposing mountains, Sapa allures many foreign and domestic visitors to feel peacefulness and masterpieces of nature. In addition, you also meet various ethnic minority groups such as H’Mong, Dzao, Tày, Dzáy and uncover their specific traditional culture in this land.


It is more interesting for you to stay a few days in ethnic group villages. Tourists can walk along the path, see the wild nature and enjoy the fresh air of mountain. Terrace fields spread largely on hills and mountain sides. You will not only discover traditional culture of ethnic groups through their ordinary life but also feel peaceful and simple. You will be woken up by the sound of unfenced chicken in the mountain. You also have a chance to taste the local popular food such as “thịt hun khói” (bacon), plum fruit, “thắng cố” , try on ethnic clothes, chat with friendly local people. That will be memorable and unforgettable experience on your trip. It is very hard to express all wonderful aspects of Sa Pa town by speech. If you want to feel more about life of the ethnic minorities, come and see, you will feel and love Sapa definitely! You cannot forget this taste and promise yourself to return.

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