Mai Chau – Hoa Binh

Located in Hoa Binh Province – the Northwest region of Vietnam, Mai Chau is truly a sight to behold. The beautiful valleys and lush rice paddies are seemingly untouched by modernization, which makes Mai Chau a must-see for anyone who wants to tune into the nature melody and explore tribal culture for a few days. It’s about 140km from Ha Noi. Mai Chau valley is the destination of hundreds of thousands tourists each year.
From the hustle of city, going to Mai Chau makes you ecstatic over the paddy fields and rural living and then transform into a real paradise. It’s a stunning area, and most of people here are ethnic Muong, ethnic Dao and ethnic White Thai, distantly relate to tribes in Thailand, Laos and China.

If you are in good physical shape, and desire to experience climbing, conquer challenges and throw away everything stressful, why don’t you climb 1200 steps to Hang Chieu cave (Ban Lac, Mai Chau)? The cave is positioned in the high mountains. From the mountain top, you can take a bird-eye view of an immense green valley of rice fields. The scenery was gorgeous!

Also, the atmosphere in Mai Chau is so fresh. Paddy fields are vast and green. The sky is so clear and blue with puffy white clouds. All make you have a feeling of embracing something very soft and big in your arms. Stretch out your arms and enjoy the sweet and fresh taste from the field, the warm and soft rays of sunshine, and the gentle wind. With sunny day, you can join Mai Chau cycling tours or Mai Chau motorbike tour to explore this beautiful valley.

Mai Chau is also popular with stilt houses where you can live with local people and enjoy their weather, culture,… The Thai women are masterful weavers who ensure that there is plenty of traditional style clothing to buy in the village center. They usually weave under or inside their houses in the village. 
Besides stunning landscapes, Mai Chau’s cuisine is also an attractive element of this area. Mai Chau’s specialties are both diverse and unique to the Northwestern mountainous areas of Vietnam such as: Lam Rice (Rice in bamboo tube), Lóong Soup, Meat roll with pomelo leaf, Five colors sticky rice…

In short, no words can be used to describe enough the beauty of this fantastic land. After a long week of stressful hard work and dusty environment of the hasty city, coming to this quiet and cool place is such a relief. So what are you waiting for ? Come to Mai Chau to release your stress!