For a long time, Hue has been famous for many beautiful and ancient landscapes, and one of them is the River Huong. Hue is one of the most popular destination of Vietnam tour. You won’t be alone when you visit Hue. At any time of the year this small city is bustling with tourists.

The first point to attract people to Hue is probably the destinations such as the Citadel, Thien Mu Pagoda, the Royal Tombs of the king. These historical and cultural relics are carefully preserved by Hue people. This becomes a very interesting destination for those who want to learn about the history and culture of the Nguyen Dynasty in the past.
River Huong flows mildly like a silk range and leads to Vy Da garden, Thien Mu pagoda, Bach Yen River and Huyen Khong pier one after another. All of these four destinations are magnificent, peaceful and ancient

hue_chua thien mu

Along with those beautiful and romantic scenes, Hue is also famous for many pleasure activities, which are very interesting such as “Releasing boat”, “Hue singing”…. All these activities are only have in Hue.
The land of Hue is also associated with beauty of girls who are softly charming with a sweet voice and a very long purple dress. From their skillful and gentle hands, they make elaborate works, such as embroidered paintings, souvenirs, especially the palm hats and with pictures of Hue tourism.

Hue is not only known for its rich history and culture, but Hue cuisine is also one of the most special things to attract visitors. Some famous dishes in Hue are often mentioned by visitors like Hue beef noodle, Hue spring rolls, rice with mussel, etc.

Coming to Hue, having a night on River Huong, listening to Hue singing and enjoying the fresh cool air along with the beautiful scenes around, you would discover some feelings that could only be found in Hue.

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