How We Work

Have you ever wondered…

  • How do we deliver on the promise to make your trip one of one’s lifetime?
  • How do our travel consultants craft a voyage that fits to the very details of your dream?
  • And how long does it take to create it?

Find out, in the coming parts, the making of your personalized trip, starting with your ideas and ending with your experience!

Research & Development of Your Itinerary

Upon coming to our notice, your request will be analyzed by one of our travel consultants. He or she will do the R&D job, giving you an itinerary that best matches your interests, timings, and budgets. 

The first draft

Within 48 hours, you will receive the first draft of our proposal. This serves as a framework to provide you with useful information and help you visualize your trip. 

Modification & Final proposal

After receiving the first draft, you can request changes regarding both the program (destinations and activities) and the services (accommodation, transportation, catering…). Your consultant will revise the proposal accordingly and offer advices where he or she deems necessary. 

We guarantee response time within 48 hours for any arising queries from your part. 

Deposit and Reservation

Once the final proposal is approved, your consultant will guide you to complete necessary paperwork. After your deposit is made, we will make reservations and keep you informed should any change arise. 

Follow-up Support

During your trip, your consultant will keep following and maintain contact with you. In case of emergency, you can always call our hotline to get help from our field staff.