You’re probably wondering: What is “Hanoi”? What is this all about? Let me tell you this: Hanoi is the most awesome place in the world!!!!!!!!!


Hanoi isn’t my hometown but this city has given me many memories, experience and maturity. Hanoi is beautiful and splendid at night and noisy and crowded during the day. This city is famous for a lot of sceneries, such as Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hoan Kiem Lake, the Opera House, Hoa Lo Prison or The Temple of Literature, etc.

It is a fascinating blend of East and West, with Chinese influence from centuries of dominance, and French architecture from its colonial past. It is largely unspoiled by modern architecture of the 1970s and 80s, and is now going through a modernization that is making it a rising star in Southeast Asia.
Hanoi’s four seasons differ and are captivating in a very unique way: I love the misty mornings in Hanoi when spring comes with sombrous drizzles. The days are surprisingly quiet and peaceful. I love summer in Hanoi when days are drowned by the bright sunlight and glowing flamboyant flowers shading my path. I love the gentle breeze floating through Hanoi signaled incoming fall. Every street corner will be embalmed with a faint whiff of blooming milk flowers. I even love the gloomy Hanoi on rainy winter nights. Believe me, Hanoi is so beautiful that you will love it at first sight.

There’s a wealth of things to see and do in Hanoi. Spend some time wandering the Old Quarter, don’t be afraid to stroll down the laneways and see where they lead you to.

Ha noi_pho co

You can take a visit to a local silk store and stock up on gorgeous scarves, there’s always a great shop in Hoan Kiem or wander the French Quarter and marvel at the gorgeous buildings lining the streets.

Gone through thousands of years and filtered the most sophisticated and unique features of nature in the North of Vietnam, Hanoi’s cuisine has become a special culture, which attracts any travelers once they first come to Hanoi. The most significant characteristics of Hanoi cuisine culture are the sophistication and deliciousness. Each kind of food carries unique special taste. Recently, the fact that Hanoi honored to receive Asian Cuisines Award for three dishes of Pho, Com (green rice flakes) and Bun Cha (rice noodles with barbecued pork) has satisfied foodies of the capital.

In addition, Hanoi is also the land of traditional handicrafts such as bronze molding, silver carving, and embroidery. There are a lot of famous villages in which the whole residents make handicrafts as their careers for living. Some of villages are well-known in nationwide including pottery in Bat Trang village, bronze casting in Ngu Xa village, glossy silk in Yen Thai village…
This is the Hanoi I have used my heart to feel the pure beauty of it. I love Hanoi – the Hanoi that has walked me through four lovely seasons of life; the Hanoi that has given me a chance to see, to taste, and to feel the beauty of my city lied hidden in the ordinaries.

Now, what about you? Do you know Hanoi? Have you truly seen the beauty of Hanoi? How do you see Hanoi in your own heart? Come and feel it!

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