Ha Long Bay

 It was only by chance when I came to Halong Bay. Although I have heard a lot about Halong Bay with the beautiful scenes, or even looked at many pictures of this place. I have never thought this place one day will win my heart. I didn’t use to travel very often until I found it. Standing in front of Halong Bay, I had the feeling of standing in front of a fine woman – extremely attractive! Its beauty makes me regret that I cannot be here more.
 I realized that Halong is most splendid when it is sunny, the ocean under the sun is as brilliant as a huge treasure. And even if you are the most difficult guest, you will have to hurry to get a picture of this shimmering sky. Halong becomes most fanciful when it lightly rains and fogs. Hiding in the midst of a haze is Green islands, tortoise-shaped mountains, lions, whales. A foreign tourist exclaimed to me, “Looks like I’m lost in the fairy world.”


Halong is most romantic at cool summer nights with the lights of the tourist boats. And you realize that even under the water, there is a brilliant star sky.

Halong is surprising pleasant in the morning. A little ocean breeze makes you pull the jacket up a little. Halong is loveliest when your boat floats by fishing villages, the children rushed to greet the guests. And we do not hesitate to smile back. A simple moment that our hearts are full of love. Halong with me is like, and I believe that with you will be, a sense of personality..

Halong Bay is one of the most beautiful locations in the country. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it greets over six million visitors each year! Did you visit Halong Bay – the land of 3000 islands! Halong Bay, one of the coolest and the most incredible places on Earth, is a must-see destination if you intend to visit Vietnam. Due to its significant scientific importance and geological beauty, it has, in recent years become a magnet to people searching for peace, tranquility and something special. Halong Bay has been called by the great words: “a marvel of the earth reaches towards the high skies”. While exploring the bay, tourists will feel lost in a legendary world of stone islands which shapes change depending on the angle and the light. Come to Halong Bay to discover and feel this world’s wonder.

ha long_

A destination such as Halong Bay always make visitors remember forever. If you are planning your first trip then you should come here and feel Halong Bay. I’m sure it will be a great memory in your life! 

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