Da Nang

Da Nang is more than just a coastal city with beaches – it has mountains, amazing hiking trails, historical sites, and little quirks in the city to enjoy. And that’s why people often call Da Nang a Vietnam in a smaller size.
The whole of Da Nang province runs along the sea, there are many beaches in city. Beaches create a fantastic landscape for this place. Some famous and nice beaches such as My Khe beach, Marble beach, Northern My An beach. You can feel the softness under your feet from the very fine white sand. Fill your eyes with breath-taking colors from the water. Then swim in the crystal clear warm water. My favorite way to enjoy the surrounding beaches is to purchase a snorkeling mask and snorkel at the local fishing street.

Talking about Da Nang, it would be a shortcoming if we do not mention the Dovetailed with romantic Han River, featured with the seductive My Khe Beach, and backed by Ba Na Hills, Da Nang is blessed to be the tourist capital of South Central Vietnam. Every year, this beautiful city hosts an international fireworks competition, luring artists and visitors from all over the world to lighten up the sky in one night.

Da Nang is unique because although it is a big city, it still sits between many day adventures and the airport makes for easy and quick travel between cities. Da Nang was also an important site during the war and there are still many reminders of this time period both in and around the city that are worth checking out. The best way to explore this, is to take your motorbike up the old military roads on the peninsula after stepping foot into the war museum which explains some of the war sites around the Da Nang area such as Hai Van Mountain Range, tropical rain forest on Son Tra Peninsula, Ngu Hanh Son Mountain and Fantasy Park.

Da Nang food is by no means as extensive as that of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City but it has its own central cuisine. Try my favorite, Mi Quang, on a hot day, or the Vietnamese pancake, Banh Xeo. As I mentioned above Da Nang has many good seafood options. The seafood is often displayed still alive in big shallow buckets on one side of the restaurant. Try grilled ray fish. It is often served with rice paper so you can make a fresh roll combined with herbs and a special sauce.

So what are you still waiting for? Take your backpack and get in the journey to Da Nang!

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