Da Lat

Da Lat is known as the famous dreamy city and a lot of people want to visit this famous tourist city in order to experience special feelings af many romantic things only found in this place.
It is said that, one day in Da Lat, you can experience four seasons of one year in Vietnam. In the morning, it is a little bit warm and shrouded in freezing fog like in the spring. At noon, the whole city is sunk into summer sunshine. Da Lat afternoon is full of white clouds floating in the autumn sky and the cold at night is what makes people keep closely attached to this city This particular weather patterns have become a catalyst for people to be emotionally sublimed. So, people often head to Da Lat to experience four seasons with different levels of emotions. Rain or sunshine, warm or cold, people want to be closer to each other. Thanks to it, Da Lat is called under name “City of Eternal Spring”.

In contrast to the stuffy and crowded big cities like Sai Gon and Ha Noi, Da Lat always fascinates people by its peaceful life, and slow pace. The whole city is like a shy girl in the quiet atmosphere that is rarely disturbed by the car horns. Even the people here can always keep calm, gentle and friendly. Perhaps, the gentle looks of Da Lat have urged people to move slowly, think slow and open our hearts to feel the peace and simplicity of life.

Endowed by nature, Da Lat has become the heaven of many species of flowers, of which wild sunflowers, mimosa, cherry blossoms, jacarandas are the most famous flowers Da Lat residents like planting flowers, as a result flowers appear everywhere From the streets. the hillsides, to the gardens in the heart of the City The various species flowers both offer Da Lat a dazzling beauty and make it more romantic and dreamy by the sweet scenery that exists in paradise only.


Coffee shops in Da Lat are unique. Every one of them comes with a different style and theme. For instance, Cafe Song Vy is actually a French-style chateau turned into a coffee shop and has live romantic French music.

Da Lat is known as the city of love and for lovers. The allure of this highland city is not only from the climate, but also from natural sites with extremely romantic names: Xuan Huong lake, Valley of Love, Dreaming Hill…These are ideal rendez-vous for lovers. Do come to Da Lat and walk with your lover at one of these places, surely you will find moments of sublime emotions.

Beside beautiful and grandiose landscapes, fresh cool weather, friendliness and simple-heartedness of the locals are things attracting people come to Da Lat, its cuisine is the thing that keeps people reminding about this land of mist and desiring to be here one more time such as: Soybean milk, Thick noodles soup, Bread with meatballs soup, Thin rice flour pancake with stir-fried chicken viscera, Pancake Da Lat, etc.

Da Lat awaits, are you ready? Take your backpack and get in the journey!

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