Cu Chi Tunnels

You don’t know the true meaning of claustrophobia until you’ve visited this vast network of interconnecting underground tunnels, 30 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City. Cu Chi Tunnels were built by the Vietcong and used as operational headquarters to evade detection as they moved troops and supplies throughout Saigon’s northern districts. Cu Chi Tunnels was instrumental in numerous military campaigns during the war and played a decisive role in Vietnam War

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Imagine spending your days living in underground tunnels and only being able to come out at night when the sun sets – that is what the people of Cu Chi did nearly 50 years ago during the Vietnam War. This underground maze played an important role in the Viet Cong’s resistance against the American forces. It was not only used as a place to hide but also as makeshift hospitals, kitchens, and living quarters.

You will get to experience yourself the extensive, complicated underground network that Cu Chi is famous for. The original length of this network is about 250-kilometer, stretching all the way to the Cambodian border. During the Vietnam War, people built a special system to pump air into the tunnels in which they live, breathe, and cook!
Now, a portion of 100-meter length is open for visitors who want to get a glimpse of what life underground was like. Channel your inner warrior and conquer this underground maze as fast as you can! Crawl, jump, wriggle: do whatever it takes to help you survive.

Thrilling activities on the ground will also impress you as a fun and educational experience. You can watch a documentary film served as a quick introduction of the Cu Chi Tunnels. There are exhibitions of the booby traps, tanks, and weapons that were used during the war. Eye-opening is what travelers usually say as they watch our local guide show them how the traps work in action.
Next, you can also see simulations of shoe-making and weapon-making processes. Take a quick rest and enjoy the taste of Cu Chi specialty dish ‘tapioca with sesame salt’ and a hot cup of tea. For those who feel more adventurous, head to the shooting range where you can fire real AK47, M16 rifles or M60 machine guns!

What are we waiting for? Just pick up your luggage and move on right now!

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