Ca Mau

This 300-year-old land is the ending point of the S-shaped Vietnam, especially Ca Mau Cape is the only place on the mainland to watch the sun rise over the sea from the East in the morning and the sun set into the sea west in the afternoon. A place where humans and nature co-exist in harmony

Ca Mau is a destination with two national parks, namely Ca Mau Cape National Park and U Minh Ha National Park. Ca Mau’s natural advantages such as the interlacing system of rivers and canals, the immense forests of mangrove and Melaleuca coupled with uniquely beautiful island clusters like Hon Khoai, Hon Chuoi, Da Bac have made the province a beautiful landscape picture of forest and sea.

People can discover the place where “the land grows, forest moves and sea spreads”, eat and stay with locals, and live the life of the local communities. There is a multitude of activities to explore such as visiting oyster floating cages, catching shrimp, crab, fish, mud clam, scallop, three-stripped crab at night, etc.
In addition, visitors can enjoy the fresh cool air when travelling on boats in the middle of immense mangrove forest. When the tide is low, visitors can also get on speed boats to admire the scenery of spacious mudflat covered by immense sea, to catch a glimpse of the sunrise in the dawn and the sunset in the twilight; or cast an eye on the lively atmosphere when birds flock to the mudflat to forage, drawing a majestic picture of the great nature and sea.

Apart from admiring the beautiful scenery of forests and the sea, visitors in Ca Mau should not miss trying the very “Ca Mau” dishes such as Grilled giant mudskipper with salt and chili, Grilled oyster with onion and oil, Steamed crab with beer, Boiled shrimp, Fermented fish hot pot, Baby bee salad, Grilled snakehead fish, etc. and many more tasty foods that make visitors eat once and remember forever with bold but simple and idyllic flavors. Your experience will be more complete if you combine these tasty dishes with a glass of wine made from bee pollen wax. All blend into a sense of ecstasy at the tip of your tongue that anyone who has once enjoyed cannot forget.

In the tranquil atmosphere, the sounds from the folk songs will make your heart sob once you have the opportunity to enjoy. In addition, the cool air mixed with the feeling of getting close to the nature during visiting is also a wonderful and poetic experience.

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