Binh Dinh

Visitors can never resist the allure of the south-central coastal province of Binh Dinh with its beautiful beaches, coral reefs, majestic mountains, diverse local cuisine and historical-cultural vestiges.
Arriving in Binh Dinh Sea, people will be amazed with a very impressive scene. The whole area looks like a sky with countless twinkling stars in the darkness. During the day, the area becomes bustling with hundreds of ships coming and going while the fishermen dry nets or prepare to fish in the ocean.

Binh Dinh is most famous for its beautiful beach which runs along the eastern edge of town in a gently curved bay. This endless strip of soft sand is tranquil and inviting, which makes it the perfect place to stay if you want to chill out and get a tan.
After submerging in the deep blue sea, you can take a dip near the cliffs to catch sea cucumbers, shells, snails… or whatever you want. At night, you can cook seafood, sing and dance under the blue sky.


Binh Dinh is a wonderful place for seafood believers. Every day, this city supplies a lot of fresh seafood such as Huynh De crab, lobsters, tiger prawn… It’s a pity if tourists don’t try a cuisine journey around traditional markets in Binh Dinh to enjoy jellyfish noodle and buy some dried seafood for gifts.

Looking for another unique experience while you’re in Binh Dinh? Let’s plan a day-trip to the Windy Pass (Eo Gio) or climb sand dunes and sit at the top to enjoy the views of the coast and nearby hills.

In addition to, there are also many tourist destinations for discovering a heroic period of Vietnam’s history such as Thap Doi Champa towers, Duong Long towers, Quang Trung Museum.

This small coastal city is a must if you want to get away from the crowds and experience a bit of the real Vietnam.

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